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Building Bridges for a Sustainable Future: Young leaders’ role and impact in harnessing partnerships and innovation for achieving the SDGs.


The theme acknowledges the importance of partnerships across sectors, networks, and countries in their collective action in implementing and achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also highlights the role of innovation and technology in finding sustainable solutions and promotes the exchange of ideas and best practices among young leaders.

In this edition, the simulation will focus on the United Nations SDGs, with countries’ knowledge of progress to strengthen partnerships and innovation toward achieving these goals.


1. SDG 8, ECOFIN (2nd Committee)

Topic: Increasing Economic Growth and Gainful Employment through Industrialization that is Inventive and Sustainable

2. SDG 16, Security Council

Topic: The Effect of Violence, Conflicts, and Instability on Sustainable Development, and Strategies to Build Peaceful and Inclusive Societies, Engage in Conflict Prevention and Resolution Efforts.

3. SDGD 3, WHO

Topic: Innovative Approaches to Improve Healthcare Access, Promoting Preventive Measures and Strategies for Achieving Universal Health Coverage.

4. SDG 13, COP 28

Topic: The Effect of Climate Change and Fostering Partnership for Climate Resilience: The Role of the Youth in Providing Innovative Solutions for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Promoting Renewable Energy.


Topic: The Role of Education in Achieving Sustainable Development, Innovative Approaches to Education, and the Importance of Partnerships in Addressing Educational Disparities.

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