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Years of Leadership Excellence

With a rich history in organizing leadership conferences and programs, our legacy of Eight times consistency of conference experience sets us apart. By curating platforms that unite industry luminaries, young African leaders, we strive to spark insightful dialogues and cultivate a culture of conscientious leadership through our impactful events.

Empower-Africa Leadership Initiative: Transforming Visionaries.

Join us at Empower-Africa, where we nurture future leaders through tailored training, mentorship, and resources in social networking environment. Together, we unlock potentials, inspire change, and create a lasting impact in communities far and wide.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Soft Skills Mastery!

At Soft Skills Mastery, we are your premier destination for honing essential interpersonal skills. Our seasoned speakers, MUN officials and conference team are committed to empowering you with the communication, collaboration, and leadership proficiencies essential for thriving in the fast-paced and competitive landscape of today.


IFED GLOBAL Innovation for Empowerment and Development – Global is a non-profit organisation that sparks innovation and creativity in young people for development across Africa. It was formed in the year 2014. IFED Global believes in the African youth as an invaluable asset of the continent. Therefore, we aim to empower the African youth with the requisite skills for the development of Future Africa. Annually, IFED GLOBAL organises diplomatic programmes that bring together young people through social and intellectually stimulating platforms. It addresses issues facing the youth of Africa in this present age and helps to empower them.


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