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  • The name of the association shall be called IFED ALUMNI Association.
  • The association is a chapter of IFED GLOBAL. IFED GLOBAL is incorporated in Ghana with branches in other African countries and the world at large.
  • The association consists of past delegates or participants of IFED GLOBAL’s conferences and programmes from the year, 2015 till date.


The purpose of the association is to connect alumni of IFED GLOBAL all over the world, strengthen the network and also:

  • Champion courses of development in the society through social project and encourage patriotism among people through its activities.
  • Influence policies, political and governmental decisions positively through its activities towards the socio-economic wellbeing of people living in the country.
  • Release presses, statements on governmental issues so as to direct and influence decisions positively towards development in the country.
  • Support members through capacity building, career progression, industry and political advancement.
  • The association will support members on welfare issues and embark on community-based projects. Also, advocate for support of victims of disasters like flood, outbreak of diseases, fire outbreaks, famine, earthquake, tribal conflict, etc.


  • Membership is by being a participant of any of IFED Global conferences and programmes.
  • Active Member or Member in good standing is one who pays annual dues and participate in meetings.
  • General Meeting is in quarterly or monthly basis depending on the situation.
  • Committees or sub-groups within the association can choose to meet on specified periods for completion of a given assignment.
  • Leadership of this association can be National Executive Council (NEC) or Global Executive Council (GEC) depending on the jurisdiction of work.
  • The tenure of leadership shall be Two (2) years and renewable by general election of active members.
  • Any vacancy that may occur in an office shall be filled by appointment by the association pending ratification at a general meeting.
  • The elected Executive Council will be published on all IFED platforms

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