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International Youth Diplomacy Conference

Unleash your leadership potential and take charge of your future with our exceptional events and activities.

Conference Date

28th – 31st August, 2024


University of Ghana, Legon. Accra

International Youth Diplomacy Conference

About IYDC​

The International Youth Diplomacy Conference (IYDC) is a flagship event of Innovation for Empowerment and Development (IFED) Global. It is a unique simulation of the United Nations General Assembly, Security Council, and other UN agencies. The conference is primarily held in Accra and brings together youth from across Africa and beyond to discuss important global issues. IYDC is both educational and entertaining, making it a must-attend event for young people interested in diplomacy and international affairs.

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming IYDC-Accra 2024 event! Youth leaders from 54 countries will gather in Accra, Ghana for an unforgettable experience, celebrating African culture and engaging in global leadership learning. Join us for this incredible opportunity!

What is MUN

A MUN is a simulation of the work of the United Nations in which students from different countries gather to discuss topics of international concern. During the simulation, councils, committees and commissions of the United Nations are devoted to certain topic areas such as the Security Council or the Economic and Social Council.

Prior to the conference, students will be assigned a country or organization whose interests they have to represent. In order to do so, participants conduct research on their country’s or organization’s official stance. During the conference, various political topics will be discussed in English and according to UN procedures. At the end, a resolution – an agreed proposed solution to effectively tackle the problem – will be passed. Besides improving one’s written and oral English communication skills, a MUN conference also fosters international understanding and cultural exchange amongst participants.

Start Date

28th August, 2024

End Date

31st August, 2024


University of Ghana, Legon, Accra

Major Activities

IYDC offers a variety of activities designed to bring out the best in young people from across the continent.


MUN is a simulation of the United Nations where delegates representing countries discuss international issues. Committees focus on specific topics, and students research their assigned country. Political topics are discussed in English or French, and a resolution is passed at the end. MUN improves communication and negotiation skills and fosters cultural exchange.


Africa's diverse population has produced a unique blend of cultures and traditions. Tangible manifestations of African culture include music, dance, poetry, artifacts, sculptures, language, and greetings. At the Global Village, delegates from across the continent showcase their culture through dance, music, theater, and costume. This provides an opportunity for delegates to learn about and understand the way of life of others while socializing and networking.


The Elders Forum equips delegates with practical knowledge and wisdom for building a continent founded on transparency, equity, and justice. Accomplished personalities from various countries guide delegates in making the right decisions and enhancing their leadership capabilities. Delegates are required to take up leadership positions and make an impact.


The Ambassadorial Dinner and Awards Night is a luxury black-tie event with a cocktail reception, buffet dinner, live entertainment, and an awards session. The conference period ends with unlimited entertainment and unforgettable memories.


At the Global Leader grooming session, prominent African change-makers share life-coaching techniques to inspire young individuals. The session aims to broaden thinking and guide them towards success.


Join us for the MUN Day Out - an unforgettable day filled with exploration, fun games, and cultural exchange. Enjoy enriching tours of iconic landmarks such as the Kwame Nkrumah Museum, Black Star Square, Parliament House, Supreme Court, and Legon Botanical Gardens. Compete in friendly field and track games to showcase your talents. The MUN Day Out is a celebration of cultural diversity, camaraderie, and unforgettable experiences you won't want to miss.

Conference fees and packages

What it covers:

  • Airport Pick up
  • Accra City Tour
  • Model United Nations Session
  • Seminars
  • Global Village
  • Elders Forum
  • Conference Materials (T-shirt, Tags, Notepad, Pen and Placard)
  • Certificate
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Supper
  • Accommodation
  • Internal Busing
  • Dinner & Awards Night
Full streaming and online participation of:
    • Model United Nations Session
    • Seminars
    • Global Village
    • Elders Forum
    • Awards Nigh
Note: To be accepted as a delegate, and receive conference documents, country, and committee allocation, you need to pay at least 20% of the fee.
  • Transportation
  • Entry fees
  • One (1) Day Accommodation (Hostel)
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Ambassadorial Visit
  • Games & Socials

Programme Outline

Wednesday 28th August

10:00am- 2:00pm
Airport Pick up & Registration
2:00 pm- 3:00 pm
Accra City Tour (Foreign Delegates)
6:00 pm-7:00 pm
Global Village & Afro-Jollof Battle

Event Location On Map

Conference Date

28th – 31st August, 2024


University of Ghana, Legon. Accra

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