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Diplomacy & Development Training Programme (DDTP)

DDTP is a specialized training program to sharpen the practical knowledge of volunteers, interns and officials of Inter-governmental organizations, NGOs and Foreign Missions. International relations, International Development undergraduates/graduates and others who wish and/or are pursuing Global careers with IGOs such as the UN, World Bank and Multi-National companies can register.

It is well customized to prepare you professionally and give practical exposure in Diplomacy and Development as well gear you up for higher Global pursuit. With practical tuition and cutting edge activities in the subject area by experienced Diplomats and Experts, officials receive refresher training. Non-practicing persons are being enlightened in the areas and can get internship opportunities in Diplomacy and Development.

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International Youth Diplomacy Conference (IYDC)

International Youth Diplomacy Conference (IYDC) is an innovation of the Model United Nations Conference. It is a simulation of the United Nations General Assembly, Security Council and other agencies under the United Nations. It combines youths across Africa and beyond to discuss pertinent issues of Global interest. IYDC, mostly held in Accra, is educative as well as entertaining. It is a combination of the following:

  • IFED Model United Nations Conference.
  • IFED Development Programme.
  • IFED Ambassadorial Visits.
  • IFED Socials and Tours.
  • Ambassadorial Dinner and Awards.
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Model United Nations Plus(MUN+)

Model United Nations Plus(MUN+) is a customised training programme for volunteers, participants and delegates of IFED programmes and projects to prepare them professionally and give practical exposure in Diplomacy and Development as well gear them up for Global pursuit. International relations, International Development students and other students, volunteers, interns and officials who wish and are pursuing Global careers with IGOs such as the UN, World Bank and multinational companies can also partake in this training programme.

The training programme is being facilitated by professionals who are already in the fields specified for the programme. Diplomacy and Development Training Programme (DDTP) is activity based and very practical with execution of some social projects or community development projects.

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“Hunger Strikes”

KENYANS IN NEED OF HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE There have been some negative occurrences and wailing over the sudden drought which has taken over most parts of Kenya, causing, an inter-communal and resource conflicts among the people. More than 200 families in the central Kenya, and 60 households in Tangulbei have suffered an immense level of drought […]


ETHIOPA DEVALUES ITS CURRENCY, RAISES INTEREST RATES. In accordance to the report had on Ethiopia a year ago over the high level of investment returns leading to an abrupt inflationary pressure on the country’s currency value, the government has currently suggested a devaluation of their currency to raise the country’s competitiveness in the global arena.  […]

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From the beginning of this academic year, we are training youth at the basic level from schools signed unto the program in major activities. These activities have been designed to expose the next generation to learn, experience and model the work proceedings of the United Nations.

The eligibility of schools participating in this program requires Year 1 – Year 9 youths.  Using interactive and engaging methods, some of the major activities include;

  • MUN Training
  • SDGs awareness
  • Social Problem Identification.
  • Problem Implementation

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Our new solution to the younger generations!

“My life has always been in something more like a trajectory path. Being part of IYDC has broadened my understanding as to the extent of impact the youth can have in their communities and nation. Personally, I have improved in my presentation, research and networking skills. I have decided to be part of any programme organised by IFED Global.”

My name is John Doe, from England and I am so glad to have been part of this year’s IYDCs programme. This programme is great and carries promise if the needed support could be given both by the government and private institutions. I’ve learnt a lot here about SDGs, key topics in United Nations and the rest. I was a delegate representing one of the richest countries in the Middle East; Syria and I did enjoy meeting new friends as well

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