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The International Youth Diplomacy Conference (IYDC) is an event held annually by IFED Global, welcoming young diverse groups of vision and progress driven, vocal and intellectual influencers from all over Africa and beyond. This event typically engages with potential young leaders aspiring to change the world. In empowering young Africa, there is a need to involve the African youth in global issues affecting them. IYDC is an annual simulation of the United Nations, Security Council, General Assembly and other committees of the United Nations. This affords young people the opportunity to be trained for development and to create networks across the globe

We have brought over 10,000 young men and women from across the continent .

1K+ Young African Leaders in Accra this July


Through the International Youth Diplomacy Conference, many young Africans have been inspred to cause positive changes in their communities. Some have undertaken projects that tackle specific issues that have plagued the continent as a whole. There is therefore a need to provide support for these young initiatives to work towards a better Africa.

The Youth in Social Project Financing therefore seeks to provide funding for initiatives by young Africans aimed at solving societal problems. These projects are selected based on their contribution towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Equipping young people with vocational and technical training is one sure way of decreasing poverty, thereby improving the standard of living of the continent. IFED Global is passionate about providing the skills for young persons across the social strata to make room for creativity and innovation while developing the continent.


IFED Diplomacy and Development Training Program (DDTP) is a carefully structured refresher course organized to keep you going year after year. Just like every machine needs periodic servicing, so does every great mind need a refreshing reminder of its purpose.Organized once annually, IFED brings together the brightest minds on the continent to partake in a two-part training program (both theoretical and practical) that gives you insight and updates on real-life problems in the world and strategies on how to remedy these problems. Dignitaries, diplomats and individuals whose sole aim is to make remarkable difference in the world come together to learn new things and make those necessary connections they need to reach the ends of the world.


Model United Nations Plus (MUN+) is a comprehensive educational package and an extra curriculum scheme designed to educate students on issues of global impact and empower them to be global citizens.


The model of the program tackles three relevant domains; Model UN Simulation; SDGs Awareness and Social Project. Tailored for elementary and O-level (junior high) students, MUN+ would build students into active citizens who not only are aware of their environment but willing to influence it. The first part of the program gives students training in the simulation of the General Assembly of the United Nations. This encompasses a conscious process of building the potential of the students as diplomats even at that level. The UN through its law making body called the General Assembly has adopted 17 goals with 169 targets between them for its members to achieve. The program teaches participants through captivating activities to keep them globally informed of these goals and their relevance to society. In addition, students would learn skills and knowledge on how to identify social problems and solve it as community projects including charity work, advocacy for educational supplies in deprived schools and clean up exercises.


The program also provides participants with an opportunity to partake in an annual conference between members from schools in Ghana, Nigeria and beyond. This Model UN plus conference would simulate the United Nations General Assembly, the Security Council and other agencies of the world body. The program’s vision is to prepare children to be Global and National leaders and as such, delegates or participants of the conference would partake in Ambassadorial and Presidential Visits to learn proceedings that go on there.


Subscribers or participants of the program have the opportunity to participate in Model United Nations conferences in the United States of America, Netherlands, Britain, and France to broaden their horizon through the international exposure. This program would be run in the schools as a club throughout the year. MUN+ commences upon a school’s registration after which interested students come together to form an organization in their respective schools. These clubs would go through periodic training in international relations, diplomacy, personal development, entrepreneurship and social innovation. They would then be allowed to identify

social problems, propose solutions and with assistance from IFED, its partners, and the schools implement the said solutions. There would be occasional visits to some partner embassies like the US, Netherlands, France the foreign affairs ministry, UN agencies amongst others to better expose and motivate students. Members of the club would have priority when opportunities to embark on an international conference that explores diplomacy are available.

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