Vision and Mission


IFED sees as far practically and gradually as the eagle and convicts strongly to be one of the most influential and reliable organizations to raise global leaders. It also believes in affecting the development of Africa and beyond by consulting and partnering with other international organizations such as USAID, UNDP, JICA, etc.




The first mission of IFED is empowering people to lead, especially the youth, and also make them agents of change for the better livelihood of people in Africa and beyond.


Development is one of the true concerns of IFED in achieving its mission in Africa and beyond. Youths who are empowered, are equipped and become agents of positive change in their societies.
Through our conferences, we will encourage delegates to go into social entrepreneurship and volunteerism. We believe this part of our world has many demands that require critical actions towards development. We are prepared not just to talk the talk, but also walk the walk to see change in Africa.