The IFED Leadership Clinic is a half day-long seminar targeted at secondary and tertiary students in Ghana. It would be hosted by the various campus chapters with facilitations from the secretariat and support from partners. It focuses on topics related to leadership within the student councils, groups, associations and general leadership. This seminar is intended to be organized once in an academic year in as many tertiary and secondary institutions that would permit. It seeks to train potential and actual student leaders on the basic issues of leadership, management, governance and politics amongst others. This program aims at building the political leadership capacities of young leaders in the run up to the various campus elections. Despite the target audience, the leadership clinic is structured for ordinary students to benefit for their personal and future development.

The first Plenary: This meets all participants and educates them on basic issues every student leader or aspiring student leader must know. It centres on personal branding, time management as well as leadership.
The Committee Breakout: This segment puts the participants into two demanding committee focused on separate issues. One committee would be focused on governance, politics, diplomacy and negotiations. The second committee would handle issues of management (people, expectations and finances).
The Second Plenary: This is in collaborations with the Netherlands Embassy. It also meets the entire participants, shows a movie and opens the floor for discussions and debates. The film is entitled “A goat for a vote”.

The Round Up/Evaluation: This segment brings together all delegates to evaluate the various activities of the day and the lessons learnt.

1. Tertiary Institutions
2. High Schools/A level students

Institutions Running Leadership Clinic:
1. Central University
2. University of Education-Winneba
3. University of Ghana,Legon
4. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
5. University of Development Studies
6. University of Professional Studies-Accra