IFED Campus Chapter is the tertiary wing of Innovation for Empowerment and Development (IFED). It is an advocacy and educational NGO that seeks to empower people especially youths through its programmes and projects and affect development with the power gained. We work to achieve our objectives by centering on International Development and International Relations in order to build Global Citizens and Leaders. We believe University is the hub of future leaders and so we intend to affect them with the right leadership skills before stepping out to climb the ladder of global leadership. Therefore, through IFED official programs such as International Youth Diplomacy Conference, Leadership Clinic and internally organized seminars, general meetings, participants will appreciate and imbibe leadership skills. With networking opportunities which come out of Model United Nations conferences outside Ghana, members of the Chapter will be exposed to the Global world and build Global Leadership skills.


Activities of IFED Campus Chapter

  1. Organize General Assembly Meetings where members simulate the United Nations’ General Assembly to discuss pressing needs of the world.
  2. Engage members in Personal and Career Development Programs
  3. Give the members’ preferential and discounting participation in IFED conference, Training programmes and other International Conferences such as London International Model United Nations Conference, Rome Model United Nations Conference, etc.
  4. Members will have the roadmap to organize outreaches and volunteer programmes to solve social needs.
  5. Engage its members in seminars to educate them on International Relations and International Development to give them much more information of the world.
  6. Learn more about the United Nations and invite officials to educate you more on what they do to ensure Peace and Security and other objectives in the world.
  7. Participate in Cultural and Educational Exchange Programmes with partners abroad.
  8. Partake in internship programmes with IFED and its partners as well play roles in Planning and Organizing of Conferences, Seminars and Training Committees


To register fill the form online or call +233271512732 and you will be placed accordingly. Thank you