Over seven bodies have been discovered lifeless after the sudden rubble of a three-storey building collapsed in Kisii Nairaobi Kenya on Wednesday 7:30am. Dwellers of the premise have taken to their hills crying for help over the sudden turbulence.

However, families of the various diseased have currently been drowning in tears over the lost, calling on the government for restitution and indemnification. According to the rescue team over 22 people had been rescued from the collapse of the ill-fated building in Kisii, with more than ten people admitted in the hospitals with varied injuries sustained.

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”Catalonia In Distress”

Over hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of Barcelonia to protest against the Catalan governments’ decision to embark on the push for independence. Following the demonstration of the Anti-Independence Rally on Sunday a week after the independence referendum. More than one million civilians had taken part over the independence agitation, to stop the splitting of Catalonia from the rest of the country. Stating that such idea of independence would definitely be an obstacle to the uninterrupted unity and peace that has been in existence for the past 40 years ago in Spain since the death of Francisco Franco in 1975.

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IYDC, Accra – 2017

The conference took place on the 19th  – 23rd  July 2017 at the University of Ghana, Legon. The initiative was created to expose and empower the young people on the life issues with the skills to effect change and development in their respective countries. Over two hundred young leaders across Africa were all brought together to engineer a solution for a sustainable world.

Prior to the meeting, there was a media preparation towards the conference which was led by Mr. Acheampong Tutu and Mr. Joseph Mensah. On the first day, the delegate arrived as early as mid-day which was followed by an orientation session led by Mr. Joseph Mensah at 7 pm.

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