“Hunger Strikes”


There have been some negative occurrences and wailing over the sudden drought which has taken over most parts of Kenya, causing, an inter-communal and resource conflicts among the people. More than 200 families in the central Kenya, and 60 households in Tangulbei have suffered an immense level of drought and famine. Schools have been closed, no more equitable Facilities, children from displaced families have been forced to attend classes at distantly located schools that are about 20km away from displacement camps. This has really caused an abrupt congestion to the host schools that have taken over 350 affected children. Many pupils have dropped out of schools, as they  help their parents in search of food, water and pasture to stay alive.

However, the present conditions at the displacement camps have raised fears of an outbreak of cholera currently battering the country to worsen its situation. A total of 55 people have been recorded dead from 2,996 cases of the water borne disease which happened recently last Thursday.

Millions of Kenyans are at risk of starvation and impoverishment over the high level of famine in the country. With enumerable of Kenyans in need of humanitarian assistance, over 3.4 million Kenyans are facing hunger strike as a result of the prolonged drought that has affected the food productions.

Millions of animals, both domestic and wild have been suffering, a devastating effects  of the delayed downpour of rain, as Crops and livestock productions has dropped with the worst hit areas being Ganze, Magarini and kaloleni sub-counties.

 In kajiado, county more than 130,000 household and 600,000 cattle are at risk of starvation over the current famine in the country.  Approximately, 19 counties being- northern Kenya, coast and Rift valley etc, have been deeply affected over the inadequacy of rain- fall for six years.

Furthermore, the drought in Kenya has been said to be mainly caused by the short-average rains season at the end of 2016 and the situation is yet to change. The Arid and semi-Arid communities in the affected areas are now under significant pressure over their livelihoods which have been threatened and disrupted as the weather conditions  continues getting worse.

The UNITED NATIONS, have issued a fresh appeal for $106 million (sh 10 billion) to help the Kenyans over the threat of starvation. The UN has also estimated that about 5.6 million Kenyans are currently in need of humanitarian Aid. The UNITED NATIONS also went further to make some directives, requiring urgent treatment of children over the Acute Malnutrition. Also the government of Kenya is doing its part with its resources on supporting and saving the lives of her citizens. ā€˜ā€™ Kenya needs you and Iā€™ā€™.

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