Over seven bodies have been discovered lifeless after the sudden rubble of a three-storey building collapsed in Kisii Nairaobi Kenya on Wednesday 7:30am. Dwellers of the premise have taken to their hills crying for help over the sudden turbulence.

However, families of the various diseased have currently been drowning in tears over the lost, calling on the government for restitution and indemnification. According to the rescue team over 22 people had been rescued from the collapse of the ill-fated building in Kisii, with more than ten people admitted in the hospitals with varied injuries sustained.

The Governor of kisii Mr. James Ongwae  has visited the ugly scene and reassuring the people of kisii on getting things done as quickly as possible over the tumult, and  to make every necessary steps on avoiding such occurrences.
Furthermore, the denizens of the collapsed building have been in the state of destitute and homeless as their properties and personal items have been annihilated on the occurrence of the incident.  I think the more-better structures are been built properly with the right materials and good landscape, the lesser disaster impends the city of Kisii and other parts of Kenya.

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