IYDC, Accra – 2017

The conference took place on the 19th  – 23rd  July 2017 at the University of Ghana, Legon. The initiative was created to expose and empower the young people on the life issues with the skills to effect change and development in their respective countries. Over two hundred young leaders across Africa were all brought together to engineer a solution for a sustainable world.

Prior to the meeting, there was a media preparation towards the conference which was led by Mr. Acheampong Tutu and Mr. Joseph Mensah. On the first day, the delegate arrived as early as mid-day which was followed by an orientation session led by Mr. Joseph Mensah at 7 pm.

The second day, an aerobic session in the early morning hours was led by fitness experts which was immediately followed by a demonstration from the native visitors of Lokhanda Ghana.

The program then kicked off at the University of Ghana, Law Faculty at 9:00 am prompt. A welcome speech was delivered by the IFED GLOBAL president Mr. Acheampong Tutu following the introduction of the chairman Rev. Kwaku Ankomah.

There was an encouraging, captivating, motivating and mind challenging speeches that were given by the resource persons; Mr. Kofi Osei Kusi, Hon. Abu Gyinapor, Hon. and Hon. Kula Fofana and other speakers that graced the occasion. The closing remarks was given by Mr. Jarius Andrew.

Furthermore, there was a committee session after lunch where the delegates were being splited into various committees. Each of these was headed by a chairperson. A discussion was held and a resolution was drafted over the issues on the 17 sustainable development goals of the united nations organization based on each of the delegates’ country’s position on the amelioration of the excruciating issues.

The Global village, followed right after the committee session. Thereafter the delegates entertained themselves through spoken words performance, acapellas, poems and dance.

Following the demonstration of the diversities of their cultures and its beauty. It was indeed a breathtaking sight.

On the third day, there was an ambassadorial visit. The delegates went in their various groups with the few officials to the embassies and various landmark sites in the heart of Accra. They visited the Chinese Embassy at Cantoments, the Osei Kusi Foundation, the Osu Castle and had some interesting interactions with various people and got exposed to real life issues.

There was, however, some unforseen transportation glitches and logistical challenges. Notwithstanding that, there was a night out at the Osu Oxford Street and the Chance Pub in the heart of Accra, with the soothing sound of Afro music and Hip Hop. Indeed, it was quite  a refreshing moment.

The fun continued at the Lakeside Marina park located around a lake at the beautiful Lakeside Estate in Accra. It offers a wide range of fun for people of all ages and a serene enviroment. Indeed, it was a thrilling moment.

Thereafter that evening, there was a dinner and award ceremony and the presentation of certificates to all delegates that participated in the conference.

Pictures were taken for recollection and reconnection purposes. Souvenirs were also given to the delegates back to their countries.

Finally, it was a life changing experience and a springboard to greater heights. Better and bigger one next year. Thanks to you, we’ve made progress. With you, we’ll beat it.

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